Balanced Reopening...

for the continued growth & development of our kids and community.

COVID-19 Safety Plan

Our mission is to continue providing quality music instruction to as many students as possible without compromising anybody's health or safety. We feel this is very doable by offering flexible lesson options whether it be in-person, online or a combination of both; in addition to everybody in our community making a sincere effort to understand, follow and stay up-to-date with all safety recommendations and mandates.

We understand that there are many different views and opinions regarding the response to the pandemic as well as many different comfort levels. Although the severity of the pandemic in Winnipeg has been low in comparison to many other places in Canada and throughout the world we feel we must err on the side of caution at this early stage of the pandemic's development. We believe this approach is the best way to keep everybody safe, prevent future lockdowns and ultimatly the quickest way to recovery.

We will continue to monitor the guidelines put in place by Manitoba Health and the department of education and adjust our protocols and policies accordingly.

Please review our safety plan as outlined below, carefully. Your decision to participate in music lessons this year will be greatly appreciated, as will your understanding and cooperation.

Delayed Start Date

  • The FIRST DAY of music lessons for the new school year will be: Monday, September 14. Although this is one week later than our normal schedule, the school requires this time to complete preparations for the new school year and we feel it will also give parents and students time to adjust to the return to regular school.

Stay/Go-Home-If-Sick Policy

  • Students will be asked to stay home if they are sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick and is self isolating. This also applies to all teachers and staff. Anyone displaying illness will be sent home.
  • If you or your child can not attend in person there will be the option to still take an online lesson at your scheduled time in order not to miss your lesson.

Singing & Wind/Reed Instruments

  • For now, all voice and wind/reed instruments will be offered online only. This policy will be monitored and reassessed as we go forward. Group music programs for young children that normally include singing will be modified to exclude all singing activities until further notice.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Masks will be mandatory in the studios for everyone, which includes parents coming inside briefly to drop off their children. This is especially important in reception areas, hallways and any other common areas. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  • Disposable masks will be available if someone arrives without wearing one (younger children may wear face shields). This will be reassessed as we go forward.

Limited Group Class Sizes

  • The number of students allowed in a group class has been reduced for most classrooms in order to implement proper physical distancing. Classroom activity tables have been removed. Students will remain in their own plexiglass-keyboard-cubicle for the duration of their lesson. See Items 8.1, 10.4 and 10.5 below for more information on group lessons.

Limited Washroom Usage

  • Washrooms will be “Out of Service” and for staff use only. Students and parents should use their own washroom BEFORE coming to the school. Everyone will be permitted to use the washroom facilities when absolutely needed.

Hand Sanitizer, Wet Wipes... and Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

  • Hand sanitizer will be supplied in all teaching rooms and reception areas. Students and teachers must use sanitizer before each lesson.
  • Teachers will be required to thoroughly wipe down the classroom instruments as well as all other shared equipment and workstations after each lesson. Disinfectant wipes will be provided.
  • There will be enhanced daily cleaning and disinfecting of each location every day.

Staggered Lesson Times

Private Lessons

  • Depending on the location we are working on staggering the start times for private lesson rooms by 5 to 15 minutes so that all rooms do NOT start and end at the same time; this will reduce foot traffic in the hallways and waiting rooms between lessons.
  • After each lesson teachers will take time to wipe down shared surfaces in the lesson room. Instead of leaving time between every lesson for this cleaning your lesson may run a minute or two late. So as not to get too far behind schedule as the day progresses we will be inserting one or two small breaks (5 minutes) during your teacher’s schedule after every 3 or 4 lessons. This break will put the schedule back on time for students with a later lesson time.

Group Lessons

  • All group classes have been scheduled with a 10 or 15 minute break between each class in order to allow sufficient time for students to exit, cleaning of instruments, and a new class to come in.

Limited & Controlled Access in studios

  • Waiting Rooms: There will be limited access to the waiting rooms. Most chairs will be removed from the waiting rooms and parents will be asked to only come into the studio for dropping off or picking up their children, to make a payment, or conduct other business. We are requesting that parents wait in their car or outside the school during your child’s lesson. Older students will be expected to arrive and depart on their own. This will not apply to those travelling by bus or who have other reasons that require them to remain inside.
  • Entering & Exiting a lesson: When arriving for your lesson please try to maintain proper physical distancing. Floor markings will be present to assist with this. Instructors will come to the waiting room to get students and take them to the lesson room. At the end of the lesson your instructor will follow rules put in place to accompany students back to the waiting room. Students should walk directly to the waiting room and then exit the school. Parents are asked to please be on time and waiting for your child after the lesson.
  • We are asking our instructors, as much as possible, to communicate with parents via email, text, or phone calls instead of our usual practice of speaking at the end of the lesson. This will help reduce unnecessary congestion in the waiting room.

Plexiglass Barriers, Physical Distancing & No-Sharing-Policy

  • For students’ homework assignments, instructors will use email rather than writing in dictation books.
  • Studio copies of lesson books will not be available. It is expected that students will bring their books and materials to every lesson. If a student comes without their books, instructors will proceed with the lesson teaching alternate material such as technique, theory, ear training, etc.
  • Private lesson rooms will be equipped with a mobile plexiglass barrier for use between the teacher and the student. This will provide an extra layer of protection between teacher and student during the lesson. This barrier is easily rolled in and out of place as required and is height adjustable in lesson rooms that require that students and teacher to stand while playing.
  • Group classrooms will be equipped with a plexiglass cubicle attached to each keyboard stand and will be spaced 2 metres apart. All tables have been removed. Students will remain in their plexiglass-keyboard-cubicle for the duration of the lesson. Each student will receive a tote bag with their own set of required materials. They will also receive a face shield.
  • Groups will be smaller this year. The number of students will vary depending on the size of the classroom in order to accommodate physical distancing, no sharing of items, including no rhythm instruments to be used and no singing. Workbook assignments will be done at the keyboard. Please remember to bring your tote bag with books and supplies to each lesson. We cannot supply books or materials if they are forgotten. There will be a charge to replace lost books or materials.
  • All reception desks are now equipped with a plexiglass barrier.

Lesson Formats: Online / In-Person / Combination

  • Our school will now offer 3 lesson formats … In-person, Online or a combination of both. In September these lesson formats will be available for most instruments and programs except lessons for voice, flute, saxophone and clarinet which will be online only until further notice. There may also be online restrictions for some beginner group classes.
  • In order to provide high quality online instruction all lesson rooms are being equipped with a computer, monitor, camera, microphone and speakers. Classroom desks will be replaced by a new height adjustable computer workstation which can be moved into position for an online lesson when needed. This new equipment will enable your instructor to teach any lesson format required during their normal schedule. Equipping all of our teaching rooms with a computer workstation and speakers will also be beneficial to students taking in-person lessons as it will allow teachers to easily incorporate lesson materials from the internet.
  • Lessons can be taught online according to individual student preferences or when needed due to isolation requirements.